Wire Mesh Lockers for the Office or Industrial Applications

Tennsco Ventilated Lockers keep aisle ways and rooms free from stale odors caused by damp clothing. Specially designed diamond-shape ventilation slots ensure continuous airflow from all three sides of the locker. This reduces the opportunity for odor causing-bacteria to grow and thrive in clothing. Ventilated Lockers also offer interior visibility making it easy to identify undesirable contents.

All Tennsco lockers feature a lightweight, low friction latching mechanism which opens easier and smoother than traditional latches. And Locker handles are recessed inside the door face, making Tennsco lockers vandal resistant and safer than easily broken, portruding handles.

Tennsco lockers are available in an assortment of colors to blend in with conservative designs or stand out as part of a bold color scheme.

• Tough powder-coated finish keeps its good looks for years.
• Welded door frame is constructed of 16-gauge steel for added rigidity
• A wide range of colors is available to blend with any office, school or industrial setting.
• Perforated locker body ensures a continuous airflow for maximum ventilation of clothing, etc. while providing complete visibility to contents.
• Inset handle design is vandal-resistant and leaves nothing protruding into aisles. Comes standard with powder-coated finish; optional stainless steel is also available.
• Smooth operating latching mechanism securely latches the door for added security.
• Steel locking bar offers high strength, while polymer latches and retainers provide quiet latching operation.
• Extra-strong five knuckle hinge with secured pin offers added content protection and long life.

Single Tier Ventilated Lockers are roomy enough for just about any secured storage application. Single Tier lockers are ideal for use in factories, schools, fitness clubs, hospitals, and other locations where clothing is stored.

Double Tier Ventilated Lockers feature two openings per locker for twice the number of lockers in the same space. There’s plenty of hanging room for shirts and jackets. Perfect for the gym!

Ventilated Box Lockers are ideal for securely storing smaller items like purses, lunches, books and athletic gear. Five and six configurations save valuable floor space in schools, clubs, and hospitals














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